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Ignorant Art on a Sticky Note & Webcomic

Original Sticky Note & Webcomic Art By Francis Ledbetter, as Drawn on Standard Sticky Notes and Inspired by Daily Occurrences, Chance Encounters, and Random Media. tales portal logo


Stories of Love, Love Lost, Hate, Drunkeness, Drugs, Fat People, Ugly People, Insects, Parrots, Religion, Sex, And Other Chronicles of Loserdom. 3-holed comics portal logo

3-Holed Comics

A Collection of Underground Single Cell Comic Strips as Drawn on College-Ruled Paper. Black Humor at its Worst! main merchandise portal logo

Zazzle Merchandise

Purchase Your Favorite Ignorant Art Drawings on T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, and Other Items - Please Note - Link Will Take You Direct to Our Zazzle Store. other nonsense portal logo

Other Nonsense

Paintings, Pictures, Ideas, etc... Basically Stuff We Couldn't Decide On Where Else to Put on favorites portal logo

Heroes, Inspiration & Muses

Come See Who and What Inspires Us - From Fellow Artists, to Musicians, to Writers, to Comics, to Websites. Worth a Look!

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hi di aka high diary aka webcomic entrance WebComic Sister Site

SJtheComicStrip is a terribly drawn and not terribly funny webcomic that takes inspiration from the Devil's weed which is the sister site to, but as drawn on our shiny new tablet! blog portal logo version two

The Coupon Requests Blog

Read along as we try to charm or complain ourselves into free stuff from corporations big and small. Names may be changed to protect the innocent.