Shit We've Gotten In Trade

Traded from Ryan

Received February from Ryan

traded from Denise & Tate

Received May by Denise & Tate

traded from Hilda

Recieved February from Hilda

traded from SLC Designs

Received August from SLC Designs

traded from The All Knowing Head1

Received November from The All-Knowing Head

traded from anonymouse

Received December from Anonymous

How it Works*:

1. Send an original or signed piece of art to us at:

PO Box 6!

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302-0006

Attn: Francis Ledbetter

2. We send a piece back to you which we consider to be of equal artistic value (be sure to include your address!)

- VIEW WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER AND WHAT WE'VE TRADED, GIFTED, OR DONATED HERE (traded/gifted/donated pieces are scattered througout site)!


3. Both parties enjoy newly acquired eye candy.

* is not responsible for lost or damaged items. is not responsible for dissatisfied traders. promises only that art will be traded. Nothing more. Nothing less. is the sole determiner of quality of swapped products. ENJOY!

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